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Sandrine Pelletier/Procession Towards The Unknown - The Crystal Jaw

Premiere at MCBA (Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts/Lausanne 18.6 – 29.8.2021)

Swiss artist Sandrine Pelletier creates an immersive installation made of laboratory glass, modified and disaggregated.
For this project, a unique and crystalline sound creation has been made by Procession Towards the Unknown - which will be accompanying the installation.
A limited edition Vinyl will be available at the MCBA Bookstore-Boutique
Sammy Sayed - Vocals & flute
Alan Bishop - Saxophone & Vocals
KUBBARA / Ahmad Kubbara - synth modular, sampling & processing
Sherif Elias - Keys & Synth
Amir El-Saidi / Amir El Saidi Drummer - Drums & Percussion
Director & Editor - Sammy Sayed
Camera – Frank Schmitt & Mohamed El Sherbieny
Color Grading – Universus Art AKA Mohamed El Sherbieny
Shot & recorded at Studio Kubbara, Necropolis, Egypt
Recording Sound Engineer – Ahmad Kubbara
Mixed & Mastered by Sammy Sayed at Agareth Studio, Necropolis, Egypt
Vinyl Pressing by Mental Groove Records / Olivier Ducret
Installation curated by Laurence Schmidlin